Frequently Asked Questions

What does "beta" mean?

Beta simply means we have enough features for you to get started managing your site, but aren't quite ready for the official release which will be in the coming months.

What does it cost?

35$/mo. No contract, no obligation, free updates for life.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! For a website by any other name would not be as sweet. By default you are given a URL like so you can preview how things look. When you purchase your own domain with Go-Daddy, Dreamhost, etc. you may point it to your Swimcloud site. See instructions here.

Can I customize my site look?

Absolutely! To allow for maximum flexibility, we use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to allow you to style anything on your page. Don’t know CSS? We can help with that. Shoot us an email and we’ll help you get started!

Will you customize my site for me?

Sure will. Depending on what you’re looking for, there may be a fee associated. Typically we’ll charge a one-time fee of $50 to style your site. But if you just need a tweak, we’re more than happy to help. Conversely, if you want the moon, it may cost a little extra. Contact us to inquire.

How much storage do I get?

2GB. Because files are optimized on upload, you’ll find that this goes a long way. It will hold approximately 2,500 photos.

What kind of files can I upload?

Anything your heart desires. Photos are optimized for the web upon upload, so that they may be display directly on your site. Everything else is treated as a download for security purposes.

Can I upload super high-res photos for someone to download?

Yup. Just put your photos in a folder on your computer, ZIP the folder, then upload the zipped file. You’re photos will be untouched and downloadable with a single click.

Can I buy more space?

Not at this time, but it is something we are working towards. Our first objective is a simple plan for managing your website.

Can I add more users to my account?

Not yet. However, we are working towards a system with multiple tiers of users. So under your account you could have a guest admin (who can look but not touch), a writer (who can add unpublished content), a publisher (who can publish to the site), and an admin who can do everything plus manage other logins.

What of security?

Most people don’t think to ask about this, but with all the mayhem on the web these days, it's an important question. At Swimcloud, we are proud of our level of security and take our obligation to protecting your data very seriously. Our entire admin area is built to the highest security standards, employing a variety of tools to keep you and your data safe.

Still not convinced? We'd love to brag about our security some more, just shoot us an email.

How can I contact you?

Just hop on over to the contact us page and we’ll do our best to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible.